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Why Delay?

Details to help you understand airport delays


Q. “Your service says I’ll be delayed which means I may miss my 2pm meeting in New York.  Do I need to buy a new ticket?”
From - Vicki in Wichita KS

A. “No, you don’t need to buy a new ticket.  Your first option is to use our service to identify alternatives on your original airline and then contact that airline directly referencing the alternative flights we’ve identified.  Another alternative is to just modify your plans at your destination.  For example, perhaps you slide your 2pm meeting to 4pm.  Either way, you’re taking full advantage of our service.  However, if you want to be really safe you may want to buy a new ticket, but that depends on how critical your event in New York is.  It also depends on your expense account!”
From - Captain Delay


Q. “I’ve got a business trip coming up in a few weeks.  How can KnowDelay help me?”
From - Jim in Houston TX

A. “KnowDelay can help you by predicting the chances that you’ll be delayed.  Starting three days prior to your trip, KnowDelay automatically evaluates your trip for any potential delay and sends you a notification.  If you’re potentially delayed, KnowDelay will suggest alternative flight itineraries for you.  If you’re on a critical business or personal trip, you can make a change to your plans, or perhaps even modify your schedule.”
From - Captain Delay


Q. “Flights are delayed for all kinds of reasons.  I understand that weather is just one of those reasons.  Can you guys help me with all the other types of delays?”
From - Mike in Rochester NY

A. “KnowDelay only predicts weather-related delays, so unfortunately we cannot help you with the other types of delays.  However, weather accounts for almost half of all flight delays and the American Meteorological Society estimates that it accounts for 70 percent of all delays!  In addition, weather delays are always the longest and most complex, so we can help you avoid a big mess.  ”
From - Captain Delay

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